October 18, 2012 - Happy Birthday, Chuck Berry

He took the music of rhythm and blues (R&B) and changed it [wave guitar like a magic wand: Shabam!] into rock'n'roll!

Lyrics about teenage life!
Guitar solos!
Cool little dances and hops and moves during performances!

Chuck Berry made a huge impact on music by being a pioneer of a new form. Some people claim that he created a template for rock stars of the future.

(A template is a pattern or model to follow.)

One aspect of Berry's life that rock stars should not copy (but that some, unfortunately, do) is that he went to prison several times for various different crimes—as varied as armed robbery (when he was still in high school!) to tax evasion.

Check out the Castillo Kids singing one of Berry's most famous hits, “Johnny B. Goode.” Here's Chuck himself singing the same song, and here's Marty McFly's “Johnny B. Goode,” from the movie Back to the Future, with an even wilder sort of showmanship! 

Beatle John Lennon once said: “If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it 'Chuck Berry.'”

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