July 13 - International Rock Day

Posted on July 13, 2020

The thing about rocks is...

...Well, I love them! And I celebrate them with some frequency. Like earlier this month I wrote about Drop a Rock Day, and last month I wrote about space rocks, and in May I wrote about an artist who "paints" with rocks...

But today isn't about this sort of rock, that use for rocks, or any one particular rock - but about rocks-in-general!

Rocks are defined as naturally occurring solid chunks of mineral matter. Rocks are created by volcanic action and by the layering and pushing down on grains of sand, seashells, and flats of mud. They are changed by heat and pressure, by earthquakes and slips-and-slides of the Earth's crust, and by weathering away from water and wind.

I LOVE a good rockscape!

And I love rock-and-water scapes!

I love exploring rock formations in caves.

I also love collecting beautiful rocks.

I love watching a geode being opened - and discovering what it will look like inside!

And I love seeing displays of super-special beautiful rocks that I would never happen on in my travels!


(Second Monday in July)

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