July 13 – Happy Birthday, Emma Asson

Posted on July 13, 2018

Born on this date in 1889, Emma Asson became...

...the first woman to be elected to the Estonian parliament.

...author of the first textbook in the Estonian language.

...a participant in the writing of the Estonian constitution, offering ideas on education and on women's rights.

...a member of the Estonian Education Ministry.

...head of the Education Department.

Asson was still alive when Estonia was occupied by Nazi Germany and also when it was swallowed up by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. I wonder what she thought about those events.

About a quarter century after Asson died, Estonia became independent and a democratic republic once more.

Estonia is seen here in dark
green; E.U. countries appear
in light green.
Estonia is one of the least populous nations in the European Union, and it is ranked high for its growth and for its human development. 

(In other words, it's a really good place to live!)

Estonia is also beautiful:

Above, Puhtitsa Convent
Above, Kaali
Above and next two below,
Lahemaa National Park

Above, Piusa Sandcaves

Above and below, Tallinn

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