July 12 - Different Colored Eyes Day

Posted on July 12, 2020

Actor Mila Kunis
I'm afraid that some people have a condition called heterochromia! Yikes!

Actually, this long and scary name just means that the person has two different colored eyes!

There are three different kinds of heterochromia:

One iris is a different color from the other.

Part of one iris is a different color from the rest.

An inner ring is a different color than the rest of the iris.

Most cases of people having different colored eyes is hereditary. Some people get it from a disease or eye injury. (Anyone who suddenly has this condition should see a doctor, in case treatment for something else is necessary!)

It's fairly rare to have very noticeable heterochromia, but not quite as rare to have a barely-there difference. Altogether, about 6 out of every 1,000 people has some heterochromia.

With all the breeding of pets and domestic animals, there is inevitably some inbreeding - and that makes different colored eyes much more common among some breeds of dogs, cats, cattle, and horses.

Jeanne Quinn started National Different Colored Eyes Day to raise awareness and celebrate uniqueness. In this case, of course, people with different colored eyes aren't completely unique - but they are rare, and special!

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