July 13, 2012 - Statehood Day in Montenegro

Montenegro has an Independence Day (celebrating May 21, 2006, when a majority of Montenegrins voted to become an independent nation, separate from neighbors Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which with Montenegro made up Yugoslavia for several decades).

Montenegro is the orange splotch
in the lower third of the central
portion of the map. It is near
Greece and across the Adriatic
Sea from Italy.

Today isn't Montenegro's Independence Day. It doesn't celebrate statehood apart from the crumbling Yugoslavia. What Montenegrins celebrate today is the July 13, 1878, date when Montenegro was recognized as an independent country by the Berlin Congress, and (in my mind more important) the July 13, 1941, date when Montenegrins started a popular uprising against the Nazis and Mussolini's Fascist army, which had taken over the country during World War II.

Montenegro has rugged mountains, a coastline along the Adriatic Sea, and Karst landforms that include caves and sinkholes. Take a look at some of the gorgeous landscapes here and here.

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