July 31 - National Get Gnarly Day

Posted on July 31, 2020

(Last Friday in July)

To be honest, this is not the year for me to embrace this holiday! "Gnarly" can mean exciting, but it often means dangerous...and right now, even going to the grocery store can seem pretty gnarly!

Right now, we don't need to add this to our lives: 

Just the holding hands part of this stunt
seems pretty gnarly right now!


Still, we can appreciate the "excitement" part of Get Gnarly Day. Instead of doing this:

...start the process of doing this:

 Instead of doing more of this:

...plan and carry out a bedroom update!

While stuck at home:

...send away for a passport. It's like a promise to yourself that you WILL travel, someday!

Also on this date:

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(Last Friday in July)

Plan ahead:

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