October 4, 2010

World Animal Day

This worldwide holiday, which began in 1931, celebrates animals and their relationship to humanity. It started as a way of bringing attention to the plight of endangered species, but it has come to encompass all sorts of events and celebrations—from vaccinating dogs to holding animal art competitions to collecting fur coats for use as blankets at animal shelters!

Click the World Animal Day website to find out what's happening in your area. 

This is a day to...

...pamper your pets. By which I don't mean buying cats Regency loveseats or dogs crystal bone collars! 

...spay or neuter your pet, or update its vaccinations. 

...learn more about endangered animals

...adopt a stray cat or dog

...”adopt” an animal cause
...take action to help the environment
We humans cause a lot of problems for the environment, what with pollution, warming, loss of forest, and so forth. But we are also able to escape some of the problems we cause. We build indoor spaces with filtered air and water and air conditioning, for example, and stay more comfortable in an increasingly uncomfortable Earth.
But animals can't as easily escape pollution and warming and also can't always cope with loss of habitat. Not just individual animals suffer and die—whole entire species suffer and go extinct.
Any time you help the environment, you help animals.

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