September 1. 2012 - Self-University Week Begins

Sometimes we take a class in order to learn something, but learning is something that happens inside of our own heads—and we learn things on our own all the time. Autodidacts are people who not only know they learn things on their own, but they embrace that. They would rather learn on their own than take classes.

And some autodidacts have declared this week as Self-University Week.

The official website of this week has a large list of ideas of how you can become a self-taught person (in other words, an autodidact). Here are a few of the ideas:
  •  Look up a new word every morning and figure out three ways to use it during the day.

  • Share with others a list of the most inspiring books you have ever read.
  • Visit a museum or gallery.
  • Read the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.

Also on this date:

Independence Day in Uzbekistan 

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