May 19 – Happy Birthday, Tina Strobos

Posted on May 19, 2018

Today’s famous birthday was a really brave, really good woman. Tina Strobos was a part of the Dutch resistance to the Nazis.

Working with her mom and grandma,  Strobos rescued more than 100 Jewish refugees. Strobos had a secret attic compartment and a warning bell system so that she could house Jewish people trying to escape the country. She was arrested NINE TIMES by the Nazis - interrogated - pressured to turn in the Jewish folks that relied on her. But she never cracked and never gave up a location of a single Jew.

Strobos's portrait was painted
by one of the Jewish people
who hid at her house.
(You probably know that Jews who were discovered by Nazis were usually sent to concentration camps and very likely killed there.)

In other resistance work, Strobos smuggled guns and radios and forged passports. 

Strobos did all of that courageous stuff when she was a young adult and a medical student. After the war, she went on to have a long, full life; she became a psychiatrist, she lived and studied in England and lived and worked in the U.S., she got married and had kids, and so on. She even won a medal for her medical work! But she won more medals and notice for her amazing service on behalf on humanity during World War II.

Don't assume that every old woman
you meet is just someone's fluffy

She just might be a Resistance Hero!
Strobos (above) lived to be 91 years old.

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