May 10 - Happy Birthday, Ellen Ochoa

Posted on May 10, 2018

The fact that Ellen Ochoa was born near me, in Los Angeles, California, on this date in 1958, is not why she is well known.

The fact that she earned a B.S. in physics, graduating Phi Beta Kappa, and then a M.S. and PhD at the esteemed Stanford University - that's not why she is well known.

Nor is the fact that she is an engineer AND an award-winning classical flutist.

But in 1993 Ellen Ochoa became one of just 22 women who had (at that time) flown in space. (Now the number is up to 60.) Yep, Ochoa became a NASA astronaut, with specialties in flight software, computer hardware, and robotics! 

Not just that: Ochoa was the very first Hispanic woman in space!

Not just that: she was chosen to be the Director of the Johnson Space Center! She is the second woman and the first Hispanic person ever to hold this position!

Hooray for you, Ellen Ochoa!!

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