May 19 – National Scooter Day

Posted on May 19, 2016

Scoot, don't drive?

Apparently Micro Kickboard is giving away 1,000 helmets to honor National Scooter Day. Micro Kickboard is encouraging, not just kids, but adults to use scooters for short commutes – up to a couple of miles – including going from school or work to a train or bus station. 

So, what exactly are scooters?

There are several sorts of vehicles commonly called scooters. The kind we are (mostly) celebrating today is a footboard mounted on two wheels; this kind has a long steering handle. Someone using a scooter rests one foot on the footboard and pushes the other against the ground.

Another kind of scooter is a two-wheeled open motor vehicle. You sit in a seat above the engine, and you can rest both feet on the footboard. It's a lot like a smaller, less powerful motorcycle.

Like ANY vehicle (or just being a pedestrian), scooters of both sorts can be dangerous. You can make scooting a lot safer by wearing a helmet, using sidewalks or other off-road paths where it is safe and legal to do so, and of course using caution around other vehicles – especially all the vehicles that are larger, faster, and more powerful than yours. (Which, when you're on a scooter, means all of them!)

Be careful, have fun, and have a scooter kind of day!

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