May 27 - Carpet Day in Turkmenistan

(Last Sunday in May)
Posted on May 27, 2018

Honoring those who hand weave gorgeous carpets seems to me to be a great idea - especially in the Central Asian nation of Turkmenistan!

I mean, come on:

Today there will be a huge exhibit of arts and crafts in front of the Museum of Turkmen Carpet, and some carpet weavers will get special medals or honorary titles in recognition of their excellence.

Did you know...?

Apparently Turkmen carpets are known for lasting a long time, perhaps because of the natural dyes used to dye the wool since ancient times.

Every Turkmen tribe has a traditional gul (or gel), which is a design element used over and over in a complex pattern). 

Several of these guls appear on the flag of Turkmenistan.

Notice that there primary color in Turkmen carpets is red.

Also on this date:

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