April 18 - Happy Birthday, Ardito Desio

Posted on April 18, 2018

Today's famous birthday was born in Italy on this date in 1897.

He died in December of 2001.

You know what that means, don't you?
Not only did Desio live to be more than 100 years old, he lived in three different centuries!!


If you are confused, remember that many of us have lived in two different millennia - the millennia that started in 1001 and ended in 2000, and the millennia that started in 2001. (Desio accomplished that, too, of course.) But that doesn't mean that we lived two thousand years - it just means that we happened to have lived during the 1000s AND the 2000s.

So Desio didn't live three hundred years (duh!), but he did live during the late 1800s, all through the 1900s, and a bit of the 2000s. He died at age 104.

When you live that long, you have time to contribute a fair amount!

In Ardito Desio's case, he became an explorer and mountain climber, a geologist, a cartographer (mapmaker), a soldier, a lecturer, and a professor.

Wow, again!

Desio's main contributions combine his many passions into a study and exploration of mountains. 

He started close to home, studying the Alps and other mountains in Europe. 

He later traveled to Africa, Asia, and even Antarctica to study the mountains there.

He even planned a high-altitude scientific laboratory-observatory that was installed in 1989 at the base of Mount Everest. That lab still exists and works!

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