April 27 - National Resistance Day in Slovenia

Posted on April 27, 2018

 A resistance movement can spring up in response to a corrupt government...in response to a government that treats some people badly and only seems to care about the richest and most powerful people...in response to a government that isn't responsive to requests, complaints, and suggestions.

It is even more important for a resistance movement to form when a government is outright fascist... authoritarian... racist... and especially when such a government is engaging in wars of conquest and genocides (the killing of an entire people).

Of course, one of the most famous of the fascist / authoritarian / racist / genocidal governments is Adolph Hitler and the Nazis. From 1938 on, Nazi Germany annexed, invaded, and/or occupied one European country after another.

On this date in 1941, just two weeks after Nazis began to occupy Slovenia, a man named Josip Vidmar started a resistance force.
Who do you suppose Vidmar was, to be so courageous to start a group to stand up against the Nazis? Do you think he was Slovenia's former president? Or an important general in the military?

If you DID think that, you'd be wrong. Vidmar was a writer and a literary critic.

But he knew the importance of liberty!
These are just a few of the resistance forces in Slovenia.
I assume that the ratio of women to men wasn't
typical for the entire resistance?
While we celebrate the Slovene Resistance during World War II, let's also enjoy the beauties of modern-day Slovenia:

Also on this date:

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