April 18 – National Animal Cracker Day

Posted on April 18, 2015
Celebrate animal crackers today!

Of course, you'll want to eat some—straight out of the Barnum Circus box, or maybe in the frosted cookie version, or maybe floating in your soup!

Another way to celebrate them is to listen to Shirley Temple's “Animal Crackers in My Soup.” 

Stauffer's crackers
are not as detailed as
Nabisco's (below).
Animal crackers were first brought to the U. S. in the late 1800s. Since and there was a huge demand for them, so American bakers began to make them, too.The first U.S.-produced animal crackers were made by Stauffer's Biscuit Company in Pennsylvania, in the year 1871. Soon several local bakeries came together to form National Biscuit Company, which soon became NaBisCo (Nabisco).

The popular Barnum's Animals circus-themed box was first introduced in 1902. Some brilliant Nabisco worker suggested putting a string on the boxes, which sold for five cents, so that they could be hung on a Christmas tree. These small boxes of crackers were a huge hit!

(Until that time, crackers were almost always sold in bulk out of a cracker barrel.)

I read that, over the years, there have been 54 different animals represented by Barnum's Animals!

Check out how many different animals are in one box. 

Does every box have the same kinds? 

I have no idea about the answer to these questions – I think it would be interesting to find out!

  • Today more than 40 million packages of Barnum's Animals Crackers are sold each year around the world. 
  • They are baked in a 300-foot-long oven at a rate of about 12,000 cookies per minute! 
  • The company attaches almost 8,000 miles of string every year to those 40 million boxes!

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