April 16 - Orchids and Elephants Day

Posted on April 16, 2018

Today is National Orchid Day!

Some of the most intricate, beautiful, unusual, and even humorous flowers are orchids - but these special plants generally require a moist, warm environment, so many of us get to enjoy them only in greenhouses or as corsages for special occasions.

Today is Save the Elephant Day!

Elephants are the largest land animals still alive today.
They are some of the most popular and iconic of all animals.
They are more like humans than are most animals - because they live in complex societies, they have good memories, they mourn their dead, they demonstrate empathy, and they are really smart.

And yet, for all of that, elephants are endangered - especially the Sumatran elephant. 

They need large areas of land and lots of plants to survive - and that puts them in competition with humans for land and resources. 

Also, for far too long humans have killed elephants for their ivory tusks. Even though many nations have banned killing elephants for their ivory (or for any reason), and even though many nations have banned the sale, export, or import of ivory, poachers continue to kill and de-tusk some elephants every year...

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