April 14 – In Slovenia, Frost Art Appears - and Quickly Melts Away

Posted on April 14, 2018

Cornelia Konrads
I love the work of land artists. I've marveled at art created with sticks, stones, leaves, cut grass, sand, snow, ice, reflections...
Simon Beck

Most of this art is enjoyed by people who are lucky enough to live near the spot it was created - and land artists often travel all over the world, wherever they are invited, to create their pieces. But land art almost always dissolves, falls, rots, melts, or otherwise returns to its natural, unorganized state. And a lot of it is swept away by natural forces quite quickly. So most of us cannot travel to see a particular piece - it would be gone before we could get there - but instead enjoy land art through photos. The artist him-or-herself usually uses photography to capture each work's ephemeral beauty.

I believe that frost art may be the quickest to disappear. In Slovenia, Miha Brinovec often gets up early on some spring mornings to create interesting shapes in the frost. I imagine that these art pieces disappear shortly after sunlight touches them.

Brinovec also uses snow and ice in his art:

And sand:

And tree stumps and sticks:

And sticks and water and reflections:

And stones and gravity:

And even collages from magazines and digital images! 

Brinovec's collages are not land art, but more conventional art forms - more lasting art forms. But Brinovec doesn't necessarily hold his art into one category. He once said, it's not what he creates, it's THAT he creates!

Getting back to Brinovec's land art...

Most land artists I highlight tend to be specialists who create pieces with just sticks and wood, or just stones and gravity, or just sand and snow. But Miha Brinovec gathers his inspiration from the woods and lakes of Slovenia. Whatever materials are at hand - whatever speaks to him on a particular day - that's what he uses.

Brinovec is an environmentalist. He doesn't bring into an area, or his art pieces, human-made stuff like adhesives, rope, or wire. Since his pieces are meant to deteriorate back into the environment, he doesn't want something plastic or foreign left behind. That would just be littering...and Brinovec thinks that art should not pollute!

Can you tell how Brinovec created Infinity in the Air ?


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