April 26 - When an Artist Spills Some Coffee...

Posted on April 26, 2018

What happens if you spill some coffee?

Do you grumble or yell as you clean it up?

Or do you make art?

On this date in 2014, Italian artist Giulia Bernardelli started to share with the world the art she makes...out of spilled coffee! 

Her way of sharing her art is Instagram, which is an easy photo- and short-video-sharing form of social media. 

I gather that Bernardelli gets up every morning, makes a cup of coffee, and like so many other people in the world, she sips and enjoys the hot beverage... The difference is that, instead of finishing every last drop, Bernardelli spills the last bit of coffee across her white kitchen table. And then she looks for inspiration in the shapes the coffee makes...

And she uses paintbrushes, spoons, leaves - whatever she sees around her! - to create a picture in the spill. When she is done "painting" with coffee, she snaps a photo and uploads it to Instagram.

Notice that Bernardelli usually leaves a cup or spoon or SOMEthing in the photo to highlight the substance and method of her artworks!

Like so many other artists I feature here, Bernardelli's art is "ephemeral," temporary, in existence for just a short while and then only in a photo.

If you want to see more coffee-spill photos, check out this article or follow "@bernulia" on Instagram.

It's not JUST spilled coffee. Bernardelli also "paints" and makes art with coffee grounds, wine, honey, jam, chocolate, and other sorts of food. Yep, she is always playing with her food...

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