April 14 – National Dolphin Day

Posted on April 14, 2015

Dolphins are about as interesting as any animal could be, because they are so intelligent. Today, on National Dolphin Day, you could go in so many different directions:

  • Visit dolphins in real life or in a virtual way, such as this video about a new behavior that dolphins invented. 

  • Read about dolphin intelligence. This article gives some really interesting examples of dolphins learning and teaching behaviors.

  • Check out the pink (albino) bottlenose dolphin...much cuter than the pink river dolphin from the Amazon river! 

  • Dolphins use the sounds they emit to locate yummy
    fish and other things in the marine environment.

    It's called echolocation.
    Listen to dolphin sounds

  • Learn more about dolphin's bodies and lives and habits and habitats here or here.

  • Finally, I have not yet listened to this TED talk, but Denise Herzing asks, “Can we speak the language of dolphins?”

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