March 4 – Marching Music Day

Posted on March 4, 2018

The word play "March Forth on March Fourth" apparently never gets old; here is another use of this wordplay. When Drum Corps International decided to dedicate a day to celebrating marching music, they chose this as the perfect date to march forth with their idea.

Marching music's got to have a strong, regular beat. 

It's pretty much written for marching, and it is often played by a military band.

But that doesn't mean that all marching music sounds at all alike. There is somber death-march music. There's happy, quick-paced marching music. There's march music from the usual European crowd (Wagner, Beethoven, Chopin, etc.), and there's march music from composers from places all over the world. There's marching music from the 1700s and from the 1900s. 

Check out a few of these varied sorts of marching music:

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