March 1 – International Women of Color Day

Posted on March 1, 2018

There has never been a better time for this day. First of all, despite the fact that Americans have been celebrating March as Women's History Month since 1987, recent "women's history" has been a barn-burner of a year. Women have been protesting, organizing, agitating, and running for office like never before.

Second, people everywhere are really beginning to notice the contributions, not just of women in general, but of women of color in particular. Certainly women of color participated in civil rights and other social justice movements in the past, but finally, finally, women of color activists are beginning to be recognized for their contributions. From Black Lives Matter to Women's Marches to Me Too, from defeating at the ballot box a man credibly accused of sexual misconduct to electing Democrats in recent key races, women of color have been speaking up, marching, running for office, and voting - and the United States is the better for it!

I have written many posts about women who achieve personal goals and dreams, women who push for social justice for others, and women who agitate for the rights for all women. A lot of these women have been women of color. Check out these past posts about women of color.


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