March 30 – Virtual Vacation Day

Posted on March 30, 2018

What could be better than seeing some of the world's loveliest places?

Plitvice National Park (above) is one of the most
gorgeous places I've ever been.
Bali (below) is still just a virtual vacay for me.

Or the most historic locations - or the most modern cities - or...?

The Roman Forum (above) is one of my favorites of all places
I've visited. Dubai (below) is still just a pipe-dream!

Well, one thing's for sure - it's definitely not better to see those places online. It's not as good to be a virtual tourist - it's not even remotely close to "as good." 


...When you cannot travel, it's fantabulously better to see those places online than to never experience them at all. 

There are so many barriers to travel. Many people don't have the time or the money to travel much or to travel far. Many people deal with language barriers or physical disabilities that would make some travel extra difficult. Most of us will not see most of the world. 

But we live in fantastic times. Not only can we stream amazing documentaries and travel shows, we can also hunt down YouTube videos, tourism websites, Google Earth, and all manner of other internet spots to scratch our "I wanna see..." itch.

Today is the day to take advantage of all this virtual vacation technology - and to look forward to (or maybe even try out) the cutting edge next-step technology. VR headsets are big - and they're hopefully going to get a whole lot bigger! There are even some virtual travel booths in some Thomas Cook stores and some Marriott hotels.

Here are some cool Virtual Vacation ideas:

  • Timelooper is a free app that helps you check out spots today - AND what they looked like in the past!
  • Try the Untraveled Road and the Armchair Travel websites.
  • Google "virtual tour of" everything you have wanted to see. You probably won't find EVERYthing, but you may find a lot!

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