March 27 – World Theatre Day

Posted on March 27, 2018

Today is all about drama and comedy, plays and musicals (and even ballets and operas), all sorts of live stage performances.

Theatre was enjoyed by humans back in ancient times - and we can even read and act out Ancient Greek plays from around 470 BC (or BCE)!

Theatre often involves elaborate costumes and scenery - but sometimes theatre is just a bare stage, an actor or two dressed all in black, and passionate or funny lines that cause
audiences to leave saying, "We laughed; we cried; it was great!"

Actors are the central, most obvious participants in theatre, and sometimes actors do all sorts of other jobs in creating and putting on performances - but usually there are entire ensembles of people doing all manner of jobs:

Writers and playwrights
Composers and songwriters
Directors and producers
Stage managers and assistant stage managers
Scenic designers and set designers
Costume designers
Makeup designers
Lighting and sound designers
Property managers
Production managers
Technical directors
Show control designers
Music directors
Musicians and conductors
Charge artists
Front of house and backstage managers
Paint crew
Playbill writers
Scenic artists
Theatrical technicians
Technical directors
Wardrobe supervisors and dressers
Theatre directors of various specialties, including:
     Marketing directors
     Directors of special events
     Directors of development
House managers
Ticketing agents
Crew Chiefs
Stage crew
Call boys

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