March 31 - National Crayon Day

Posted on March 31, 2018

Do you love crayons?

All the beautiful colors, the slight waxy smell, the shading and color mixing, the use of the tip or an edge or the broad, rounded whole in order to sketch or color or "paint." (People who use oil pastels, which are like elevated crayons, often call their works paintings.) 

Today, take time to renew your love of crayons. Buy a new set, get out your old faithfuls and a sketch pad, or check out a crayon video:

Crayon scratchboard

The white and black lines and shapes in these pieces
(above and below) are made with crayons.
The colors are made with watercolor paint.

And here are a few websites to help you revel in the rainbow of crayons:

There are a lot of ways to make melted-crayon art:

Last but certainly not least, check out Lawrence A. Walker's crayon batik pieces:

Also on this date:

Plan ahead:

Check out my Pinterest pages for:

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