March 13 - Earmuff Day

Posted on March 13, 2018

Did you know that a 15-year-old boy invented the ear muffs?

Chester Greenwood's invention was patented on this date in 1877. His bright idea for chilly ears ended up supporting Greenwood for the rest of his life - and for a while there, it supported his entire town! (Greenwood invented other things as well.) Check out my earlier post for more of the story!

Here are some interesting tidbits about earmuffs and Greenwood:

Greenwood's town, Farmington, Maine, celebrates their most famous townsman every year with Chester Greenwood Day. What do they do? Of course, they hold an earmuffs parade! (And a lot of other wintery fun stuff, of course.)

There are lots and lots of kinds of cozy earmuffs nowadays!

Earmuffs are even more often worn, these days, for hearing protection than for warmth. 

Some people call these behind-the-head items "earmuffs," and some call them "ear warmers."

Other ways to keep ears warm include scarves, hoods, headbands, beanies, trapper hats...

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