March 31 – International Hug a Medievalist Day

Posted on March 31, 2015

What, you may ask, is a medievalist? And do I really want to hug one?

Medievalists are people who study medieval times – medieval art and architecture, perhaps, or literature, or history, or all of the above. Some medievalists don't just study the life and times of Europe's Middle Ages, they also enjoy taking part in reenactments, wearing period costumes, creating paintings or stories set in either realistic or fantasy-flavored medieval times, and watching or reading others' fiction.

Oh! And, yes, if you know a medievalist, you definitely do want to hug him or her today, and maybe other days as well!

Just hope that they are not holding a sword as you do so!

The articles over at Medievalists.Net discuss such things as kidnappings in 13th-Century Aragon, Vikings and their filed-down teeth, and top 10 strangest deaths in the Middle Ages. 

Sarah Laseke, a scholar of medieval literature, invented the day in 2011. She wanted to draw attention to medievalists and to the time period they so enjoy learning about.

Medieval fun can be had in a more gritty and realistic flavor or a more magical flavor.

And don't forget the romanticized version of medieval times!

  • Then, give yourself a hug!

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