March 1, 2011

National Pig Day – U.S.

Celebrate pigs today, a pair of sisters urged Americans in 1972. Mary Lynne Rave (from North Carolina) said that having a special day to honor the pig gives this creature “its rightful, though generally unrecognized, place as one of man's most intellectual and domesticated animals.” 

Many people agree and celebrate by eating ham, bacon, pork chops, and other pork products. Others agree we should celebrate pigs but ask us not to eat them, at least on their special day! Some people honor pigs by holding pig parties with pink pig punch (no pigs are harmed in the making of this punch!), curly pink ribbon “pigtails” tied to trees, and displays of piggy banks and other porcine collectibles. Others have parades, bring petting zoos to schools, or even hold pig races.

Join in the celebration!

Learn about pigs and about a popular recent fad in pet-ownership: micro-pigs!

Do a simple pig craft or two. 

Here are step-by-step instructions on drawing a cartoon pig. 

Eat bacon and eggs for breakfast, a BLT for lunch, and a pineapple-bacon burger for dinner. There are a lot of other pork recipes to try here, too! 

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