April 20 – International Cli-Fi Day

Posted on April 20, 2017

I have never even heard of cli-fi before - have you?
And yet, I've read some!

Cli-fi is climate change fiction. It's a small slice out of the science-fiction or speculative-fiction genre. Even before we knew that our planet is slowly warming up due to human activities that release carbon emissions (burning gasoline and other fossil fuels, especially) - even before that, some authors explored global climate change in their novels. A good example is Jules Verne, who way back in 1889 wrote The Purchase of the North Pole.

Hopefully not all of cli-fi is dystopian.
I like to get a bit of hope in my fiction -
don't you?
The cli-fi book I've read, Blind Waves by Steven Gould, is more for adults than YA. But here is an article with some cli-fi for kids.

Check out authors such as Sarah Holding, David Thorpe, Saci Lloyd, and George Marshall.

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  1. Wow thanks for sharing such an amazing book idea. Science fiction books are amazing. I have read few of such books earlier as well. I just ordered my book, will start reading soon and share my review. Keep sharing more books.