April 18 - Happy Birthday, Tina Chow!

Posted on April 18, 2017

Her dad was born in America (and had German heritage), her mom was born in Japan but moved to America when she married, and Bettina Louise Lutz was born in Ohio on this date in 1950.

The family moved from the U.S. to Japan when Tina was a teen. She attended university there and began a big-time modeling career.

She married Michael Chow, who was born in China but moved to London to open a restaurant called Mr. Chow. There British people could order Chinese food from Italian waiters. Soon the one restaurant became a chain of high-end restaurants.

Tina Chow was not just a model. She was a fashion icon, known for mixing women's wear and men's wear, known for mixing expensive garments with really inexpensive garments. She raised two children.

And she designed her own line of jewelry.

Most importantly, perhaps, she was an activist who worked on educating the public about AIDS and raising money for victims of the disease. She herself had the disease and died in 1992.

Chow had too short of a life, but she had an interesting life.
Not only did she live in some amazing places, she also met
a lot of amazing people.

Not everyone can say, "I was painted by Andy Warhol"!

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