April 22 – March for Science on Earth Day

Posted on April 22, 2017

Usually I write about historical anniversaries. "On this day in Year such-and-such..."

Even if it's the very recent past - even just-a-year-ago past - I write about events of the past.

But today I am writing about an event that is supposed to happen today.

Because it is so very, very important. Today is the day for global Marches for Science. Today is also Earth Day, a day we typically recommit ourselves to cleaning up or maintaining the environment, reining in carbon emissions to fight global warming, changing industrial and residential practices to improve air and water quality, and working to keep or get back biodiversity.

We need science to figure out WHAT we should be doing, where. We need science to figure out what we should NOT be doing, as well.

Science is the best method we have to finding out what is true. It informs two other institutions that seek truth - investigative journalism and the justice system - and it should inform every governmental policy.

March for Science is planned for scientists and science enthusiasts everywhere to come together and demonstrate their support for evidence-based policies and actions. We must save the Environmental Protection Agency, we must reverse course on recent policies prioritizing dirty energy sources over clean ones, and we must insist that our leaders listen to evidence rather than propaganda. 

There are more than 400 marches planned! Find one near you! 

According to Facebook RSVPs, about 800,000 people are planning to attend the various marches. I know that the Women's March I attended January 21, there was many, many, many times more participants than people who had RSVPed. And I knew seven women who tried to get there but couldn't because the crowds were so massive that subways were closed. Could the same thing happen today?

I don't know - but I know how important science is. So even those of us who cannot participate need to repeat the message to all of our governments and schools: Science is real. Science is important. And we must listen to scientific evidence when we make decisions about laws, regulations, and policies.

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