April 20 – Volunteer Recognition Day

Posted on April 20, 2016

Today is a great day to thank volunteers in your community for the unpaid service they give.

It's also a great day to start volunteering yourself! (Hopefully in an ongoing kind of way, not for just a day.)

And it's also a great day to donate money to a volunteer organization!

  • Here is an article that can help you decide where to volunteer.

  • Here is a volunteer organization that is still little known but very cool. 
    I know the teen that started
    KUYA Movement; he has products you can order featuring his own gorgeous artwork, and the profits go toward causes such as feeding the homeless.

    In addition to the website, KUYA has
    a Facebook page and Instagram and Twitter feeds. Consider checking out this movement – and maybe even making a purchase!
  • Another of my friends volunteers for Citizens' Climate Lobby – and organization that works on one of the most important problems of our time: global climate change.  This would be a great organization to join!

What is your favorite volunteer organization?

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