November 15 – Rock Your Mocs Day

Posted on November 15, 2014

Happy Native American Heritage Month!

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We are about halfway through November, which is Native American Heritage Month. Here on “Turtle Island” – that is, North America – many Native Americans will be wearing moccasins and, perhaps, showing off their “mocs” via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here is one from two years ago, and here is an article about last year's Rock Your Mocs Day with a whole lot more cool pics.

The organizers urge Native Americans to wear moccasins everywhere they go today – church, work, shopping malls, parks. I was interested to read that, although each indigenous language had its own name for moccasin, pretty much every group wore footwear that we could now call moccasins—from Arizona to Alaska to Virginia and upstate New York!

What are moccasins?

They are defined as a soft leather shoe without a separate heel; the sole of a moccasin is turned up on all side and sewn to the upper part.

To learn more about Rock Your Mocs Day – and the young woman who created this social-media holiday – check out this article and photos. 

To learn more about Native American Heritage Month, check this government website.

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