May 10 – Día de la Madre

Posted on May 10, 2016

Mother's Day is held on different dates in various different countries. Today is Mother's Day in Mexico. This holiday got started in the early 1900s, and it has become quite popular.

One thing I like about El Día de la Madre is that it is always held on May 10. 

(It's hard to figure out the date of a particular year's Mother's Day when it is held on a certain Sunday of May, as is the case in many nations.)

Even though some other nations celebrate moms in February, March, April, August, October, November, or December, most of the nations chose to celebrate Mother's Day in May. I guess that is not too surprising; in the Northern Hemisphere, which is where most nations of the world are located, May tends to be the warmest spring month—but not hot like summer. Spain celebrates the first Sunday of May, a LOT of nations celebrate the second Sunday of May, several nations celebrate the last Sunday of May, and a smattering of nations celebrate on various other dates in May. Joining Mexico with a May 10 Mother's Day are Qatar, El Salvador, United Arab Emirates, Guatemala, India, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, and Singapore.

A rather random assortment, I feel!

How is El Dia de la Madre celebrated in Mexico?

Sons and daughters who no longer live at home typically go to their family home the night before. On El Dia itself, they give flowers, cards, and gifts to their mothers. Little kids often make homemade gifts and sometimes sing songs or perform skits to give the message “I love you, Mami!”

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