May 16 – Biographers Day

Posted on May 16, 2016

an account of someone's life written by someone else.
life story, life history, life, memoir; 
informal bio

Some of the most popular books are biographies. We humans tend to be fascinated by the life stories of the rich and famous, the incredibly brave, the immensely talented, the amazingly accomplished.

A biography is more than just a dry list of facts about a person's life. Biographers narrate lives by portraying the society – the place and time – in which the person lived. They tell about events in the person's life that reveal his or her character. They highlight certain aspects of the life in order to paint a full picture for the reader – or in order to make a particular point about the subject of the biography.

  • Here is a list of popular children's biographies from Goodreads

  • There is an entire series of biographies for kids called the Who Was? series. You know, Who Was Albert Einstein? Who Was Neil Armstrong? Who Was Maria Tallchief? Who Was Amelia Earhart? And on and on – there are more than 120 in the series.

  • KidsClick! offers very short web-bios for free – it's a sort of web search site created by librarians. 

Of course, some biographies are movies! Here is a movie-biography (called a bio-pic) about Cesar Chavez:

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