May 16 – Wear Purple for Peace Day

Posted May 16, 2015

Does this day promote peace between the countries of the world? Or between feuding family members? Between people of different ethnicities or religious beliefs?

Well, all of those are very good things – peace, in general, is a good thing – but they are not what this day is all about. Instead, this is a day to promote peace between us and any aliens that may (or may not) exist in the universe!

We are urged to wear a purple ribbon or purple clothing (or a purple ribbon on purple clothing) in order to be a part of Wear Purple for Peace Day.

I'm not sure if aliens will be keeping track of how many of us are wearing purple!

This is a silly holiday – but in my opinion, there is a serious side to it. We see and read SO MUCH fiction about aliens and humans that is oriented on battles and wars; do you think we are primed for considering aliens as automatic enemies, armed and dangerous, no matter what?

Can you think of some movies and books in which meeting aliens doesn't mean war?

Here are some that occur to me:

Movies and TV:

  • Galaxy Quest (well, there are some bad aliens, but there are also some good aliens!)


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