April 28 – Biggest Sand Castle in the World!

Posted on April 28, 2016

A sandcastle four stories tall! Yi-i-ikes!

On this date in 1985, the world's record for largest sand castle in the world was set in Treasure Island, Florida.

It looks like a sand village to me, rather than a mere castle:

Called Bluebeard's Castle, the sand sculpture was 37 feet high and comprised some four THOUSAND tons of sand. It cost the town $25,000 to hire a famous professional sand sculptor, and it took 12 workers plus 500 volunteers 12 days to make. But the payoff was spectacular – the sand castle attracted 150,000 sightseers and lots of coverage in the media in its first weekend alone.

Notice that I used past tense – like other sand sculptures, of course Bluebeard's Castle was temporary. And the world's record, too, fell. But what Treasure Island started has become a thing – the city has been promoting sand sculpture events ever since. It is called the Sand Sculpture Capital of Florida, and it is the home of “Sanding Ovations,” a company that sculpts sand around the world.

I gather that the record for the tallest sandcastle is now set at 45 feet, 10.25

And the tallest sand sculpture is an astounding 73 feet, 7 inches!

There are lots of cool sand castles built every year. I love this one:

I've always liked making drip sand castles like this:

But some people use sticks and fishing line to make drip sand castles that seem to defy gravity!

In many places in the world, the beach is a bit cold for going in the water. But maybe not for a little architectural fun...using sand!

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