April 24 – National Pigs in a Blanket Day

Posted on April 24, 2016

Sausage wraps” would be a pretty good name for this dish, because every variation is some sort of hot dog, wiener, cocktail sausage, chipolata, breakfast link, or other sausage wrapped in something and then baked or fried.

In the U.K., the sausage is wrapped in bacon. In the U.S., it's wrapped in dough – often croissant dough or biscuit dough. In some places in Europe and Mexico, it's wrapped in a pancake or puff pastry or even tortillas. In Australia and New Zealand, it's simply wrapped in a slice of sandwich bread!

We think that sausages-wrapped-
in-dough dishes have been eaten at least
since the 1600s. 

These days, they seem to be most
popular as party food / appetizers.
I couldn't spot where the name “pigs in a blanket” came from – but I'm thinking it's a British name. First of all, Brits are so darned clever and even funny as they name dishes – like “toad in a hole,” “spotted dick,” “bubble and squeak,” “Cullen skink,” or “singing hinnies”! 

Second, pigs in a blanket is a traditional dish for Christmas in Britain, and it is often served alongside “devils on horseback,” which consists of prunes wrapped in bacon. 

Pølse i svøb is a Danish version of a long sausage wrapped in bacon, served with dipping sauce.

Salchitaco means sausage taco. They're fried in vegetable oil.

Сосиска в тесте is a Russian version of “sausage in dough.”

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