April 4 – Square Root Day

Posted on April 4, 2016

This is definitely not an annual holiday. In other words, many years, there is no Square Root Day. That's because the day has to do with the specific day, month, and year. If both the day and the month are square roots of the last two digits of the year, Square Root Day is declared!

For example, today is 4/4/16. And both 4 and 4 are square roots of 16.

The last time we had a Square Root Day was March 3, 2009: 3/3/09. And the next time we have a Square Root Day will be May 5 (Cinco de Mayo), 2025: 5/5/25.

When will the next few Square Root Days after that fall? (Answer below.)

What to do during square root day?

  • Learn about square roots, of course! Here is the beginning of an elementary lesson about perfect squares (the lessons go on to square roots), and here is a beginning lesson on square roots.
  • Wear a Square Root Day t-shirt! Or give Square Root Day gifts.

  • When I say "square meals" - I do not
    mean cutting food into little cubes!

    Instead I mean eating healthy,
    well-balanced meals.
    Eat three square meals, and involve root plants in each.

    Potatoes with your eggs, for breakfast?

    Carrots and radishes in your salad for lunch, perhaps?

    And maybe beets at dinnertime, along with something like chicken or tofu?

  • Do some square dancing, or play four-square, or learn about magic squares.
  • Do NOT trim your tree roots to be squares! That really messes with your tree's growth!
And it can mess up a perfectly good trail, as well:

Enjoy Square Root Day to the maximum. Remember, there won't be another one for years!


After April 5, 2015, the next few Square Root Days will be:
June 6, 2036
July 7, 2049
August 8, 2064
and September 9, 2081.

Also on this date:

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