January 12 – Cavedigger Released

Posted on January 12, 2016

Have you seen the cathedral like “caves” that land artist Ra Paulette digs into New Mexico's sandstone cliffs?

Check out the Jeffrey Karoff film about Paulette. Called Cavedigger, the documentary was released on this date in 2013. You can feel the years of dedicated effort - using just hand tools! - as you feast your eyes on Paulette's creations. This film also shows some of the frustrations and obsessiveness of the artist's quest to create what he considers his Magnum Opus.

By the way...

  • Some of Paulette's creations are for sale. For, like, a million dollars! 
  • Paulette has carved about 14 "caves" so far.

Also on this date:

Anniversary of establishment of first public museum in U.S.

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