January 4 – Utah Celebrates Statehood

Posted on January 4, 2016

The statehood anniversaries just keep coming! 
January 2 – Georgia
January 3 – Alaska
January 4 – Utah!

Utah is one of my favorite states. Because it has great rocks.

Utah has a place where the rocks look like drip sand castles – but giant sand castles you can wander among!

Utah has a place where you can walk up a giant slab of rock, until you get to a giant bowl created from the rock, and when you look across that bowl you can see the landscape through a delicately balanced arch cut by natural forces from – you guessed it – rock.

Utah has a place where water seeps through rock and drips down from cave walls. It has a place where water has cut through sheer rock walls; you can take a hike by walking through increasingly deep water, closed in by increasingly close rock walls. It has a place where the rocks seem to be carved into humpy checkered domes.

It has a bunch of places where the rocks are red-red-red, and other spots where the rocks are a mix of red and gold and white. It has loads of places where the rocks are sculpted into crazy, whimsical, or gorgeous shapes.

Utah has a place where you drive a narrow road that is like a “spine” between two drop-offs of gorgeous sheer cliffs of rock. 

It has a place where you drive through a loooooong tunnel, stunned by gorgeous views every once in a while as you come to a window in the tunnel.

It has places where a rainstorm can transform a gorgeous, dry rockscape into what almost looks like a water park, with chutes and waterfalls and white-water rivers. The next day, the landscape is back to being bare rock, no water visible at all.

Utah even has a place in which an artist arranged some rocks in a lake to make a more interesting landscape. I give you Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty:

I guess you can see that I really like rocks!

Utah is state #45 out of 50, and it joined the U.S. on this date in 1896.

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