August 20 – St. Stephen's Day in Hungary

Posted on August 20, 2013

Today is the day that Hungarians celebrate the foundation of their country. It's named for the first king of Hungary, Stephen I, who was later made a saint.

There's everything you could hope for in a national day: flag raising, a parade, a historical play, archery shows, a water parade, an air show, and of course a fireworks spectacular along the river Danube!

Some extra added attractions include a festival of folk arts and open-air concerts. One of the day's traditions is the baking of “new” bread, which means making the first bread from the new wheat harvest.

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Create or purchase paper dolls with Hungarian folk costumes. 

Read The Good Master. This book is about Kate and Jancsi and lots of horses growing up in Hungary. I loved this book—and its illustrations—when I was a child! 

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