August 1 – Spider-Man Day

Posted on August 1, 2013

I'm not sure why August 1 has been chosen (by somebody, somewhere, at some point) to be Spider-Man Day, but it looks like August 1962 was the beginning of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's character Spider-Man in Marvel comic books. So I'm guessing this is the anniversary of the world's introduction to high school student Peter Parker, and the superhero version of the teenaged boy, the Amazing Spider-Man.

In other words, Spider-Man (the concept, not necessarily the character) is now 51 years old!

Celebrate the day by watching Spider-Man movies or reading some of the comics...or try these ideas:

  • I like these Superhero Prints by Danny Haas. Can you draw something similar to show the dual ordinary character-superhero character? 
  • Here is a Pinterest board with a collection of Spider-Man and Spider-Woman art. Use some of those pictures as inspiration for your own Spidey drawings -or create your own superhero!

Also on this date:

Lammas Day in Scotland 

Plan ahead:

Here are my Pinterest pages on August holidayshistorical anniversaries in August, and August birthdays.

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