August 15 – National Days in Europe, Asia, and Africa!

Posted on August 15, 2013

Today is a big day in Liechtenstein, South Korea, and the Republic of Congo.

  • People in Liechtenstein flock to the castle in their capital city, Vaduz, to see a ceremony, hear some speeches, and share drinks in the castle gardens. They enjoy a fair in the afternoon and a fireworks spectacular over the castle's tower at night.

Unlike most national holidays, this isn't the anniversary of Liechtenstein winning its independence or thwarting would-be conquerors. The holiday was invented in 1940 to be on the day of the Catholic holiday “the Feast of the Assumption” and to be the day before the birthday of Prince Franz Josef II. A nickname for the holiday is not “Independence Day,” but rather “Princely Celebrations.” (Well, the German translation of the phrase!)

  • In South Korea, people celebrate liberation from Japanese rule in 1945 and the declaration of the South Korean state in 1948. There are official celebrations in Seoul, and people fly the flag on their homes and businesses. Museums and other public places are open for free—and people can even travel on public transport systems for free!

The name of the Korean holiday translates to “Restoration of Light Day.”

  • People of the Republic of the Congo are celebrating their 1960 independence from France today. This African nation has had some difficulty with the “republic” part of their national name—becoming a single-party state for two decades and suffering through a civil war that ousted a democratically elected government! I guess that this nation did NOT get involved in the Second Congo War, which was the deadliest war in modern African history—the nation most devastated by that war is the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Very similar name, right next door, but not the same country.

Check out Liechtenstein with this video

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