June 19, 2012 - Garfield the Cat Day

It's the 34th birthday of a certain lasagna-eating cat named Garfield.

I know you're thinking that Garfield is just a comic strip character, so his “birthday” must be the first day that Garfield (created by Jim Davis) was published. And you would be right. However, Davis created the character of Garfield complete with a biography, which states that Garfield the cat was born on this date in 1978 in Mamma Leoni's Italian restaurant.

Perhaps his birthplace explains why Garfield loves Italian food so much: his top-most favorite food is lasagna, and his second favorite food is pizza!

Celebrate by...

Exploring Garfield's website! There are tons of games, activities, drawing tutorials, and even short show clips. 

Eating lasagna. Or pizza. Or both!

Checking out Boomerang's Garfield page

Reading the Garfield strip in your newspaper. Or one of the many books of collected strips.

Being extra nice to your own cat!

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