March 26 - Independence Day in Bangladesh

Posted on March 26, 2020

The Asian nation of Bangladesh was once a part of British India and later a part of the State of Pakistan (and was then called "East Pakistan"). The people of Bangladesh found that their interests weren't served by being the "East" part of a nation that was so far away (Bangladesh and Pakistan are about 1,372 miles or 2,208 km apart). Determined to rule themselves, Bangladeshis declared their independence from Pakistan on this date in 1971. The war ended in December of that same year.

Here are some surprising or interesting things about Bangladesh:

Chittagong has, instead of ship-building yards, ship-breaking yards! The retired ships found in those yards are chipped down little by little, often by hand, with thousands of workers trying to salvage every bit that has any value. Unfortunately, ship breaking is hard work without power tools, and the workers are exposed to dangers and is bad for the environment. Also, by and large, the materials stripped from the boats don't sell for enough money to offer a decent living.

The Star Mosque in Dhaka is decorated with Chinitikri mosaics made from broken bits of china and broken bottles. There are many small blue stars - which is why the mosque is called "the Star Mosque"!

Speaking of mosques, can you believe that Bangladesh has the third largest Muslim population in the world? The only  nations with more Muslim citizens are Indonesia and Pakistan!

Check out the loveliness of the country:


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