March 15 - Happy Birthday, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Posted on March 15, 2020

The Supreme Court Justices have a highly respected job that they generally get to hold their whole life! (Of course, many choose to retire at some point.)

And their names become famous, ranging from Wikipedia- famous to every-U.S.-history-book-famous to household-name-famous. (Or infamous!)

But I think that only one Supreme Court Justice has risen to the level of rock-star famous. Only one inspires jewelry and is enshrined on T-shirts!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, born in Brooklyn, NY, on this date in 1933, has become a pop culture icon because her opinions and dissents have been stated so forcefully - people sometimes use the word "fiery" - and because she fights for "we the people."

Before being appointed to the Supreme Court by President Bill Clinton, Ginsburg was a volunteer lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union, and the ACLU has been hugely important in winning and defending civil rights.

If you want to eventually be featured on T-shirts and mugs, praised and thanked on SO many signs, and have your face inspire tattoos, Halloween costumes, a bobblehead doll, and so much more - 

Can you tell which of these no-sew costumes is RBG?
Of course you can!

- Well, you probably shouldn't become a lawyer and hope for the best, because trajectory of "the Notorious R.B.G." is probably never going to happen again!

(Ruth Bader Ginsburg's pop culture nickname is
"The Notorious R.B.G., in the likeness of American
rapper "The Nortorious B.I.G.") 

I mean..."Dissent Jewelry"? 

A LEGO mini-fig?

When asked, "When will there be enough women
on the Supreme Court," Ginsburg has shocked them
with the answer, "When there are nine."

But, she points out, most of the history of the Supreme
Court there have been ALL MEN on the bench...
so why not at least one time in the future when it's
all women??? 
Appearing as someone under consideration for the X-Force?
Scene from Deadpool


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