March 29 – Youth Day in Taiwan

Posted on March 29, 2020

This is another sad holiday - the commemoration of the unsuccessful Yellow Flower Mound Uprising, when Huang Xing and many fellow revolutionaries forced their way into the home of the Qing viceroy of two provinces of China. The uprising was a surprise attack and was at first successful... But then Qing reinforcements arrived, and the revolt turned into a disaster. 

Many of the dead revolutionaries were never found, but 86 bodies were discovered in a single grave on the Yellow Flower Mound. (Hence the name of the uprising.) Of those 86 bodies, only 72 were identified, and these 72 are considered martyrs and celebrated by name.

All of this happened in late April, 1911, but for some reason Taiwan celebrates the 72 martyrs in late March, as Youth Day.

The Yellow Flower Mound Park

The Mausoleum of the 72 Martyrs - notice the Statue of Liberty on top!

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