May 27 – Sunscreen Protection Day

Posted May 27, 2015

 Today is an awesome day to get new sunscreen – at least if you live in the Northern Hemisphere (like about 88% of the world's population), and you are heading into summer – or if you live in the tropics (like about 40% of the world's population – note that some of them live in the Northern Hemisphere!), and you are always in the direct-sunshine zone.

Or at least check the expiration date. Many modern sunscreens are designed to work up to three years. Obviously, you should replace any expired sunscreen. The whole idea of using it is, you want it to work!

It's also a great day to remind us of the importance of using sunscreen. Ultraviolet radiation can cause sunburns, skin cancer, sunspots, and premature aging. Sunscreen should even be used on cloudy days, because UV rays penetrate clouds.

Another reason to talk about the importance of sunscreen is the depletion of the ozone layer. That means that more ultraviolet light is getting through to the surface than in past decades and centuries. Hopefully, people are no longer using ozone-depleting substances anywhere in the world, and the ozone layer can repair itself. According to the U.S. EPA, if everyone follows the guidelines established, the ozone layer should be healed by about 2050.

Another thing to do today: Do an experiment!

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