June 15 – Native American Citizenship Day

Posted on June 15, 2017


Even though several websites (which probably use each other as sources - so forget the plural) claim that today is Native American Citizenship Day, I cannot see a good source for this.


When I was checking to see if this is really a special day declared or observed by anybody, I discovered some shocking facts about the U.S.

Did you know that Native Americans were not considered citizens across the board until June 2, 1924?

That's even though thousands and thousands of Native Americans (from 10 to 13 thousand!) fought for the U.S. in World War I.

(Admittedly, those individuals who fought in WWI and were honorably discharged were given the right to vote.)

Did you know that some Native Americans, even though they were citizens, were still not guaranteed the right to vote until 1965??


Of course, I know that racist folks with power have been trying to, and unfortunately succeeding at, suppressing votes in minority communities. But I didn't realize that it took all the way until 1965 for the federal government to weigh in with states who were actively denying Native Americans the right to vote.

The way the British settlers and the U.S. government
has treated Native Americans has been mostly

By the way, there have been more than 70 cases brought to court since 1965, with Native Americans complaining that their right to vote was denied. Luckily, courts tend to be more fair than society in general, and in most of these cases the citizenship rights of Native Americans were upheld. 

But it's shameful that it continues to be a struggle for so many!

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