June 8 - Street Art = Tape Art?

Posted June 8, 2017

On this date in 2016, a StreetArtFest opened in Grenoble, France. 

And one of the artists showing his work was Dutch tape artist Max Thorn.

You may ask, what is a tape artist?

In Thorn's case, at least, it's someone who uses layers and layers and layers (and layers and layers) of ordinary packing tape to create pieces of art. 

Thorn cuts away bits of tape to let more light through some areas than others, and he adds more layers of tape to create darker shapes. He ends up with sepia toned pieces that remind us of old photos or film noir. 

Check it out:

Zorn has created YouTube videos showing how he creates his art pieces.

Stick Together is an online project created by Zorn; it spreads street art around the world for free and has sparked many different sorts of art events.

By the way, Max Zorn isn't the only street artist who uses tape. Some other tape artists include Slava Ostap, Pauline Fillioux, and Mark Khaisman. Tape Over is an international tape art crew based in Berlin, Germany. I guess that this tape art stuff is a really big thing!!

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